Artist`s Statement

Anne Lehtelä is a visual artist who works with conceptual and installation art. In her works, she investigates social themes while focussing on social inequality, political systems, boundaries and processes of change. Lehtelä is looking to find out what it means to be an individual in this world and this society. Who makes the rules and who abide by them – and what, ultimately, is the price we pay?


While protecting one always comes to isolate something outside. While building shields or shelters one is choosing according his own beliefs. Hard armour is something which protection one can seek or find from oneself. But at the end shelter and comfort it provides becomes prison. It allows us only see determinate procedure of live.

Person can build concrete or mental borderline in between oneself and rest of the society. Society is offering us set up norm that person can either choose to follow or fight against. Both of those can also be passive hiding.

As continuous theme in my work I am reflecting borders that human beings are building to themselves in between themselves and society — and control and isolation that relates to this.

-Anne Lehtelä